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Jay Simpson | Digging deep for motivation | Columns | news-gazette.com – Champaign/Urbana News-Gazette

Do you have the discipline to manifest the life you desire?

This is a question you have to ask yourself when speaking on the life you desire to live. It all sounds good in the moment, but are you really disciplined enough to achieve these things?

Usually, reaching goals requires a lot of sacrifices such as losing friends, missing out on fun times, being distant from family and so on. Things get hard, and more often than not, times are lonely when you’re trying to elevate.

Can you handle that?

Some things you do on the daily and some relationships you have are going to have to get cut out completely. Distractions come in all forms and while we are in the moment, it’s easy for us to not even notice the things distracting us.

Although we may love a person to death or love doing something everyday, we have to be able to decipher if it means us any good or not.

Is this person or activity going to help you elevate and become whom you desire to be?

If the answer is no, which more than likely it will be, you need to let those things go.

I’m not writing this to down talk anyone who may lack self-discipline, because to be completely honest with you, I do too. But I can admit it, and I’m working hard to change things around.

I understand that some people and things in my life have to go, and I am perfectly fine with that, because I’m thinking bigger picture.

I’m 100 percent focused on finding me again. Not the Dad me or the boyfriend me, just my authentic self. Once I get all the way to that point, I will then start to live the life I desire.

I understand that there is no rush, but that doesn’t mean to procrastinate either. I’m in it to win it and willing to make whatever changes necessary to reach my full potential.

Hopefully this article will motivate some people who are going through the same thing to really lock in and focus. We are in this together.

Jay Simpson writes for The News-Gazette. His column appears Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. He can be reached at [email protected]

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