Monday Motivation: Welcome a fresh start by letting the past go –

Monday Motivation: Welcome a fresh start by letting the past go –

Health and wellness expert Lynch Hunt says the most-effective way to give yourself a fresh start in the new year, is to truly start over and let the past go

GREENSBORO, N.C. — With one more week left in 2021, you are probably already looking ahead to the next year and everything you want to accomplish.  

Most people call their desire to initiate new goals during this time a fresh start, but as health and wellness expert Lynch Hunt explains, you can’t start over until you let something else go.

“One of the wisest but hardest things I have learned about giving yourself a fresh start is letting go. It can be hard letting go of the things you are attached to and your same old habits,” said Hunt, who owns A.W.O.L. Fitness in Greensboro.

“In order to take advantage of a fresh start, you have to let go of the things that are not working.  It can be hard to let go of failures, but they have to go,” said Hunt.  “Past failures build up fears that don’t let you try new things that come with the fresh start of a new day.  If we can let go of the belief that happiness comes at the end of something, then it’s possible to find happiness now in this fresh start.”

Hunt suggested that you forget about the goals you have for the coming year and instead decide on what you want to do today.

“Think about what matters most to you today and every day.  You can reinvent your life if you just do what matters most right now.”

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